Debbie Estwick is a Caribbean-based, Design and Brand Strategist, educator and presenter. With experience from clients and projects in the Caribbean region, the USA, Canada, France and the United Kingdom, she offers insight and solutions in design, innovation, experiences, marketing and communications within the context of the brand as a strategic driver. 


After gaining a Master of Arts, with distinction, in Design and Branding Strategy from Brunel University (UK), Debbie honed her chops, built connections and piloted projects within and for companies where she brought her skills and a design thinking approach to challenges. Her driving aim was to connect design thinking and solutions to ordinary people, organisations and systems. The results were impactful, profitable and relevant for the businesses and individuals involved.

Collaboration, contextual solutions, functional aesthetics and attention to detail are cornerstones to Debbie's approach. She is armed with a collaborative network of individual experts and award-winning companies practicing in various specialised fields. Her approach allows her to help more companies, charities, organisations and individuals understand and reap the benefits of design.


Debbie's Design Philosophy

Design solves problems. While design can be difficult to define because of its many disciplines, there is no argument that good design is valuable. I view design as both a product and a process.  Design as a product refers to tangible things such as toys, posters, websites, apps, furniture and other designed things. Design as a process is more closely associated with innovation, systems thinking, experiences along with practical and attractive solutions.